Recipe Review: Chocolate Chip Cookies – Take Two

A few weeks ago I began my quest in search of the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. While the first recipe I tried was a contender (the feedback was positive), I knew there has to be something better somewhere in the world, or at least on the internet.

With company coming, today seemed like the perfect time to try a new recipe. I used Martha Stewart’s “Soft and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies” recipe. Here’s my review:

The Recipe: This recipe couldn’t be more straightforward, which I appreciate. I’m happy to complete a time-consuming or labor-intensive action when the integrity of the recipe is incumbent upon said step, but quite often cookies turn out the same, sometimes better, without the hoopla. All this recipe required was adding and stirring, and it made for a great cookie.

Not only was this recipe elementary, it was quick! It took about 30 minutes to complete, and that includes clean-up. Mine took longer than the 8-10 minute bake time called for in the recipe, though, but I believe that was due to the size of cookie I made. I used an ice cream scoop that must be rather large, because I ended up with a dozen fewer cookies than the recipe yields. It didn’t seem to matter in texture, though.

The Texture: If you read my last chocolate chip cookie recipe review, you’ll know I’m after a soft, chewy cookie. I’m still learning which ingredients are necessary for which textures, so I had no idea what to expect when reading the recipe. I based my decision to try this recipe completely on the title.

I was quite suspicious of the cookies at first glance. They were large and had little puff, so I worried they wouldn’t be soft and chewy like the title promised. But when I bit into one, I was incredibly pleased. These cookies are so soft and so chewy, and the edges have a perfect little crisp. A little more puff to them and they’d be the perfect texture.

(I did learn through watching an accompanying video that baking soda causes cookies to spread and baking powder causes cookies to puff, so I may try this recipe again adding a bit of baking powder to puff them up some. Also, the ratio of brown sugar to granulated sugar is important. More brown sugar makes for a chewier cookie thanks to the molasses.)

The Taste: These cookies have that comforting taste of a classic chocolate chip cookie. It’s familiar and sweet and easy to eat, but this is where the recipe could really improve. To be the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, it needs to be far better than classic and familiar. I’m not sure I can even verbalize what I’m looking for, but I’ll know it when I taste it.

Overall: This recipe is really good. I would use it as written again, but I’d also like to tweak it a bit to see if I can make it better. A little more puff and something to really make my mouth water would make these cookies spectacular. They’re very good, but my quest is far from over.

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