Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Like I mentioned earlier this week, my trips to the grocery store have dropped significantly due to the pandemic. My only supply unaffected by this? Frozen bananas. I’ve got more bananas than a Dole warehouse, and it was this abundance that inspired my baking for the week: chocolate chip banana muffins.

There’s not much of note, though. I found a recipe, followed it (mostly), and ate. It’s hard to screw up muffins. I think you have to try harder to fail than you do to succeed when making muffins.

If you read between the parentheses above, you know that I did not follow the recipe exactly. The batter was thick and dry, so I added just enough milk to thoroughly bind the dry ingredients. Again, not much of note.

In summation, the muffins were good. They were a little dry, but that was to be expected with the overwhelming amount of dry ingredients. I’m glad I added the milk. The next time I have bananas occupying the majority of space in my freezer I’ll find a different recipe to try. Next week I’ll look for a more interesting recipe to write about. And I’ll go to the grocery store.